What's your excuse for not using Access?

Nobody knows how to use it.

It looks too complicated.

I have no idea what it does.

We use Excel.... we’ve always used Excel!

Why you should use Access

Access exists for you to put all of your data into one place. Do you keep your knife, fork and spoon in different drawers at home? Imagine the faff at mealtimes?

Business Analytics is about comparison. Excel is a wonderful Analysing tool. Access is the most efficient way for a company to store and manipulate the data that needs to be analysed. It is also the most cost effective and efficient way to create workflow solutions to regular reporting and information representation.



Part of the Microsoft Professional Office Suite: Microsoft Access is a database management system combining a relational database engine with a graphical user interface. Totally flexible in the ability to design bespoke solutions to data management and automated reporting.


The Commercial standard in business analytics. A spreadsheet that is able to calculate complex formula with the ability to graphically represent a multitude of business service reporting techniques.


Visual Basic for Application is an event driven computer language. Most notably used for the automation of tasks used in Other Microsoft Office Programs. This is what is behind all the buttons.

Combining all three

Utilising All three elements of Access, Excel and VBA we are able to fully utilise their individual features to provide a suite of enormous value to a business. Be it the automation of a report that previously took an hour to produce or the visualisation of a spreadsheet that is simply too complex to comprehend or just having all of your data accessible in one place. Time is money. And it’s all about the money.

About Ellis

I am an Access Developer and an expert in Business Analytics. I have been using Microsoft Access for over twenty years and it is still one of the most important elements for any medium sized business that needs to create quick solutions. The flexibility and efficiency savings in addition to the ease of visibility towards your data is imperative to any business’ forward thinking. As simple or as complex: From a simple address and email facility to a 500 + Company with six departments that all need to be moving in the same direction: Access offers a financially competitive solution. Whatever your needs, the simple automation and management of your data is just an email away.
Ellis Ellis

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